Winter Poetry

Posted by on January 16, 2019

Winter by Carol Quinn

Winter weather wears away garden gusto
Ice on the pumpkins summarize
Next few months of dim mornings and earlier evenings
Thwart all my good intentions of backyard clean-up,
Even though the sun is shining at 40 degrees!
Rainbows plant smiles no matter the season.


(A parody of It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year” by Eddie Pola & George Wyle)

It’s the most, busiest time of the year.
There’ll be cookies for baking,
eggnog and fruitcaking.
Sweet treats just appear —
It’s the most, craziest time of the year.

Traditions, take on a life of their own.
We’ll hang stockings for stuffing,
re-gifting then bluffing
as secrets are blown —
It’s the most, wackiest time we have known.

We’ll bring home greenery
to create scenery
that will rival the best of Tahoe.
Then we’ll clutter our halls
with string lights and bright balls,
made in China, but still quite a show!

It’s the most, craziest time of the year.
But on Santa we’re betting
there’ll be no more fretting
as peace feels so near —

It’s the most, busiest time…
It’s the most, craziest time…
Yet the most, wonderful time of the year.

by Phyllis Peacock

Where it Pleases

Why shouldn’t it actuate?
it’s the last of December.
The cause is climate,
the time is right.
Where it blows
are choices of nature.

Dress warmly for cold wind
is relevant and necessary.
Spring cannot come without
winter’s interlude which
provides rest for plants.
Hooray for the craft of winter!

by Sam Wood

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