Winter 2018 Newsletter

Posted by on January 24, 2018

Hello Winter?

Early spring sprouting plants

Photo by Wendy Hanson Mazet

I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel like its winter yet. Are we still in fall or are we skipping straight to spring? We’ve already had clients sending pictures for identification of various seedlings, some of which turned out to be early spring weeds and others were bulbs starting to sprout. I guess I’m not the only living thing that is confused with our weather. The plants are confused too!

I’m happy to announce our 2018 Winter Edition of the For MGs by MGs Newsletter! Thank you to all the contributors that made this newsletter possible: Wendy Hanson Mazet, Becky Colwell, Anna Anderson, Carol Litster and Phyllis Peacock and the Nevada Poetry Society.

Write for us!

If you have articles, pictures, poetry, recipes or anything you want to add to the newsletter, please email Jenn Fisher at The due date for the spring 2018 newsletter submissions is Apr. 1.

In this Issue:

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