Thank you Master Gardeners for all you do!

8,123 hours of service valued at $196,089 by northern area master gardener volunteers; over 2,000 people were educated by volunteers at booths and classes; 24 master gardener trainees completed the Washoe County Master Gardener training program; 5,652 clients were helped by Washoe County Master Gardeners via phone, email and in person.

We love our clients!

“Thank you for replying.  I am more confident now.  Did not believe I’d get an answer.” – Gloria

“Thank you so much for your useful information.  Your advice is very much appreciated.” – Anne

“Thank you so much again for any help or guidance.” – Bridget

“Thanks again for the great info. Very helpful!” – Bryce

“You guys are so awesome!!!” – Lynn

“Thank you so much for the help.” – Morgan

“Thanks, I’ll share with my garden club.” -Dallas

“Great stuff Diane . . .  thanks for such a fast response!  FYI, I’m enrolled in growyourown series!” – Bryce

“Thank you very much for your help.   I will look at the safest way to remove these pests.  Much appreciated!” -Dino

“I wanted to send a special thank you to all the folks at the master gardeners office for all the kind support and helpful advice for my problem yard.  Everyone was supportive and very helpful.  They listened to me over the telephone, tried to help diagnose my issues looking at photos and then met with me and looked at my samples.  I am very impressed by your patience and knowledge.  I learned so much and came away feeling much better as well as more confident on how to manage these problems.  Thank you again.” -Peggy

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