Asclepias speciosa

Posted by on July 14, 2017

by Becky Colwell, MG

Little did I know 16 years ago, when I started my Monarch habitat, that it would become popular for many other insects as well. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

My first monarch of the season arrived June 16.

1) Swallowtails. I have counted 5 at a time eating. An American Lady Butterfly has also stopped for nectar.

2) Honeybee. Bumblebees have also visited. I have noticed an increased number of bumblebees this year.

3) Syrphid fly. Adult feeds on flower nectar and honeydew from aphids. They lay their eggs amongst aphids which the larvae eat.

4) The aphids seem to thrive allowing a nursery for lady bugs and 5) Lacewings.

6) Ants collecting nectar, but they also recycle dead insects.

7) Red milkweed longhorn beetle. An herbivore, it is able to tolerate the cardiac glycosides just like the monarch.

8) 2 jumping spiders having a stand off. Usually, they will be hiding in the flowers to catch an unsuspecting bee.

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