About the Master Gardener Program Advisory Council

Who We Are, Where We’re From, Why We’re Here:

Since its founding, the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Master Gardener (MG) program has come a long way. We have a long way to go and many challenges on the horizon. To provide a foundation for the program’s future growth and to determine horticultural programming priorities in response to the July 1, 2013, 72% cut to Cooperative Extension’s budget and possible organizational restructuring, a group of MGs gathered together to create the Master Gardener Program Advisory Council (MG PAC).

The MG PAC, formed in January 2013, is composed of eight Master Gardeners from Washoe and Douglas Counties. We meet monthly to discuss common issues and challenges that have and may occur for Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Volunteers. We communicate with our fellow MGs via email and this website. Our meetings are open for all to attend and input can be given at these meetings or via email.

 Master Gardener Advisory Council – Mission Statement

To represent Master Gardeners, to improve and initiate local programs, to be advocates to Master Gardeners in and for the community and further the mission of Cooperative Extension.

Council Members:

  • Dale Hildebrandt, Chairperson
  • Pamela Van Hoozer, Secretary
  • Terri Thomas
  • Carol Sandmeier
  • Barbara Bardecker
  • Earstin Whitten
  • Bruce Rice
  • Judi Kleidon


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